Trailer Safe Global Pty Ltd is a new system to monitor successful turntable connection and can be fitted or retrofitted to any prime mover dashboard, either using switch blanks or a custom mounting device. 

Turntables are fitted with proximity sensors.  The turntable is not compromised in anyway by the installation of the device; there is no welding or drilling done or any modifications which affect the functioning of the turntable in anyway. 

Trailer Safe Global have two types of safety systems; one for Prime Movers, A trailers and Dollies and another for Hitches.  

Testing has taken place on Holland, K Hitch and JOST turntables. 

Installation is performed by accredited installers and takes approximately 3 hours. 



The prime mover device can be integrated into GPS trackers, allowing fleet controllers to remotely view and report on successful trailer connection from their computer or mobile device.