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Chances are you're visiting Trailer Safe Global's website because you know exactly what a 'dropped trailer' or 'a coupling failure' is. 

Chances are you have experienced one or have witnessed one at least once, if not multiple times, over your career. 

Chances are you know the dangers and the major consequences that a failed coupling creates.

If you're a Driver, chances are you've witnessed colleagues losing their jobs over it 

If you're Operations personnel, then chances are you're the unfortunate one who's had to lodge the insurance claim and incident reports because of it 

If you're Management you may have worried about Chain of Responsibility implications too

So, if we all know how to couple trailers correctly from procedural training and experience, why do trailers still get dropped?...

The heavy vehicle industry relies on the focus and precision of drivers in maneuvering large loads around the country.    While the job is heavily routine-based, drivers run the risk of failures which can result in serious safety ramifications for themselves, company property or the general public.  

Coupling and uncoupling a prime mover and trailer has the potential to fail, resulting in a dropped trailer.  Trailer Safe Global is supporting heavy vehicle safety standards with a safer and more reliable coupling system.  We've engineered safety devices designed to assist, monitor and report couplings, reducing human error and promoting driver confidence, while increasing public safety in the workplace and on the roads.   With opportunities to reduce the number of insurance claims and costs in repairing damaged trailers, our devices allow you to protect your contracts within the supply chain from driver negligence and possible safety breaches. 

Our devices provide safety solutions to drivers, logistics companies and the greater community.  Don't get caught up in Chain of Responsibility legalities.  Mitigate the risk by using Trailer Safe Global's coupling safety devices.  

Why: About
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